Metal Frame With Containers

This system is ideal for creating separations between spaces. The FRP boxes/planters ensure zero leakage and spillage of water. The Natura capillary system provides for watering to be done once in 15 days only. The system comprises of metal frame with aesthetic FRP boxes/planters customized as required and specifically selected acclimatized indoor and outdoor plants.

Installation Method: FRP /PVC pots are hooked or placed in the metallic holders

Irrigation: Manual - self watering Pots

Drainage: zero leakage ,however FRP containers  are placed at the bottom of the metal frame

Lighting Guide for insufficient natural light: Guide for insufficient natural light: 20-40 W LED lights installed 2 ft away form the green wall. One light covers (n+1) of wall surface, i.e. 5M wide wall will require 5+1 = 6 LED lights.

Standard Size: 3 MTR H X 2 MTR W

Plants per SFT: 6

Applicability: Indoor and Outdoor

Delivery Timeline: 60 days (Pre-planted)

Vertically placed plants in custom structures