Plants into your work environment to Improve Employee Productivity

The myriad benefits of populating your surroundings with greenery are well-known across the globe. From improving air quality by reducing the amount of Carbon Monoxides and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to regi;atomg the thermal environment by balancing indoor humidity, indoor plants can enhance the overall well-being of people.


But did you know that incorporating plantscaping in your interior design can improve productivity? A study conducted by researchers at Exeter University stated that employee productivity improved by 15% when houseplants were placed in the vicinity around them.


A productive workforce is sure to impact the bottom line of an organization and create a healthy, motivating work culture for employees. With the advent of co-working spaces and open offices in modern times, the inclusion of plantscaping in corporate interior design has become all the more significant.


Here are 3 reasons why creating beautiful plantscapes will help make the occupants of a corporate space more productive:

  1. It Improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): A researcher named R.A. Wood showed that as building related health complaints rose, productivity decreased by about 12%. Plants help in reducing toxins, increasing oxygen levels, and removing air-borne particles like dust and emission from printers
  2. It enhances job satisfaction: A 2006 research said that employees that are satisfied with their physical environment are more likely to produce better work outcomes. A well-designed plantscaping plan will maintain the balance between de-stressing employees while also keeping them alert during work hours.
  3. It reduces employee absenteeism: Naturally, as health and job satisfaction improves, absenteeism among employees is bound to go down. This was proven in a Norwegian study, which found that absenteeism reduced by 30-60% when there were indoor plants in the work vicinity.

Incorporating plantscaping while designing a corporate space is imperative for productive, healthy workspaces. Check out Nature GreenTech to know more about the different techniques of plantscaping and how we have helped corporate and residential spaces transform.

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