Moss Frames

Moss frames is a creative opportunity to bring in a biophilic appeal using different textures of nature. Moss frames can fit in any space under conditions where living plants aren’t feasible with zero plant maintenance as there is no plumbing or irrigation required. Reindeer moss have been tested and found to have NCR ratings of 0.9, also exceptionally efficient for noise reduction.
Installation Method: wall hanging, Cladding, pre-mounted velcro attachment.

  • Irrigation: No irrigation/maintenance fre
  • Drainage: No Drainage
  • Lighting Guide for insufficient natural light: No Specific light is required astatic lighting recommended for design purposes.
  • Standard Size:
    With Fiber board Frame of 40 mm height x10 mm thick

    1. 600 mm X 600 mm
    2. 450mm x 450 mm
    3. 450mm x 600 mm
    4. Customized
  • Applicability: Indoor only
  • Timeline: 45 days
  • Green Wall:
    1. Fiber Module
    2. PP Fabric
    3. Geo Felt
    4. Plastic potted system
      (content and images as on PPT – Please find the image on google for better quality.)
  • Vertical Gardens:
    1. Metal Frame with Pots – Change to Plant Grid.
    2. Metal Frame with containers – Change to plant shelfs
    3. Wall mounted pots
    4. Mesh Frame pot hooks.
  • Roof lawns:
    1. Capillary action drain system
    2. Synthetic drain cell system
    3. Artificial lawns.
  • Plant Frames:
    Content same as ppt except heading. Change the heading to “Plant Frames”
  • Green Screens:
    1. Indoor
    2. Outdoor
  • Custom Gardens:
    1. Sky Garden
    2. Balcony Garden
    3. Courtyards
    4. Home interiors – Change to “Residential Plantscaping
    5. Corporate & Hotel Interiors – Change to Corporate & Hotel Plantscaping
    6. Retail Interiors – change to Retail Plantscaping
  • Interactive Gardens:
    • Vegetable Gardens
    • Pooja Gardens
    • Herb Gardens
  • FRP Planters