How Plantscaping is Redefining the Interior Design Ecosystem

Plantscaping is an up-and-coming branch of interior design that is truly revolutionizing the field in modern times. Combining the science of incorporating plants in indoor spaces with the art of enhancing aesthetic beauty, plantscaping is an indoor architect’s secret sauce for simplistic, yet differentiated design.


Surrounding oneself with indoor plants benefits people’s overall wellness, thereby improving quality of life, mood, and productivity. It creates minimalistic, warm and welcoming spaces, and also has rich air purification properties.


A professional expert is imperative to create beautiful, functional, and cost-effective plantscapes. This ensures that plantscaping layouts and selections are curated to the unique requirements of every indoor space. Experts can also provide AMC services to ensure easy maintenance facilities.


Here are a few plantscaping ideas that can bring out the beauty of artisanal plants within corporate and residential spaces.

  • Green Walls and Vertical Gardens: An eye-catching statement piece to any interior design layout, these vertical structures are a great way of reducing toxins and improving oxygen levels. Opt for a provider who offers in-built irrigation, drainage and lighting facilities. For a zero-maintenance set=up, artificial plants, walls and gardens are also an option.

  • Moss Walls:A low-maintenance solution that improves the carbon footprint, moss walls are created by fastening moss tiles to a vertical surface. They come in various forms such as pale, fern, and flat moss, and different frames such as round, square, hexagon, etc.

  • FRP Planters: If adding a garden to the indoor space is daunting, FRP planters can ease you into it. They are easy-to-handle and weather and UV-resistant. Go for planters that are pre-planted with engineered compression at root level and have the ability to retain water. Capillary action wicks that allow water circulation is an added bonus.

If you would like to know more about plantscaping and how Nature GreenTech integrates the best-in-class plantscaping designs in its offerings, you can look at our product offerings here.

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