Plastic Potted System

This system uses recycled plastic containers that can be installed on a mesh fabrication or on a prefabricated plastic holder. The system provides for a quick turnaround due to the usage of pre acclimatized plants.

Plastic Container size is Length: 129 mm Width : 97 mm

Height: 129 mm

Installation Method: Plastic Containers are hooked on wire mesh

Irrigation: 16 mm irrigation pipes with drippers fitted into the module.

Drainage - Civil/Metal Drain: The ideal option provided by client.

FRP Drain: 150/200 mm container will be fitted by the length of the green wall.

Lighting Guide for insufficient natural light: 20-40 W LED lights installed 2 ft away form the green wall. One light covers (n+1) of wall surface. i.e. 5M wide wall will require 5+1 = 6 LED lights.

Standard Size: Length : 129 mm Width : 97 mm Height : 129 mm

Plants per SFT: 6

Applicability: Indoor and outdoor

Delivery Timeline: 60 days (Pre-planted)