Geo Felt System

This is a felt fabric based pocket green wall system. Ideal for both indoor & outdoor  application. Felt with high water retention that allows the rapid entrenching of the plant roots. The fibrous structure of the product is conceived to favor transpiration and facilitate oxygen exchange in the roots. Simple to install due to the usage of pre acclimatized plants and can be delivered in 15-20 day.

Plants are pre grow and acclimatized before installation. It incorporates an automated drip based irrigation system which has a battery or electrical operated option.

Installation Method: Panel based with 4 aluminum hooks at the back of each panel. Mounted on 35 mm GI channels installed on the wall or a prefabricated MS frame.

Irrigation: 16 mm irrigation pipes with drippers fitted into the module.

Drainage - Civil/Metal Drain: The ideal option provided by client. FRP Drain: 150/200 mm container will be fitted by the length of the green wall.


Lighting Guide for insufficient natural light: 20-40 W LED lights installed 2 ft away form the green wall. One light covers (n+1) of wall surface. i.e. 5M wide wall will require 5+1 = 6 LED lights.

Standard Size: 700/500 mm (35 pockets)

Plants per SFT: 18

Media: Natura Super Absorbent Poly Substrate

Applicability: Indoor /Outdoor

Delivery Timeline: 20 days (Pre-planted)