Green is the New Black or How to Transform Your Space!


What do you like best about your workspace? Most people wouldn’t be able to answer this question with the phrase: “the lovely, soothing environment that gets my creative juices flowing”. But what if your office space were a sanctum from the drab, grey urban facades you see all the time? What if, instead, your office and/or home had green floor-to-ceiling walls of plants to soothe your eyes and your mind when you take a break from staring at a computer all day long? Natura Urban Landscape can make that a reality for you and your employees, and your family.
Natura specializes in providing both products and services that will help you transform your urban space into a welcoming, sustainable and eco friendly environment. Whether its plants for your home, green roof systems, Japanese landscape design, woodland landscaping or helping you pick the right urban plants, native shrubs or native flowers, Natura can help.

Natura brings a wealth of experience and knowledge combined with a passion for the environment and loads of creativity. The garden planners at Natura are experts at customizing your space. Natura offers a complete solution – and not just a product. We can transform your home or office or even just the roof of your building. And of course, the solution is a continuing one – Natura will help maintain your space and look after the plants and soil on an ongoing basis.

This is a win-win any way you think about it. All the greenery is a morale-booster for your employees and family who are now also breathing in cleaner, fresher air. It’s a win for your business –you’re creating and using environmentally sustainable and socially responsible workspaces. Moreover, you’re simultaneously cutting your energy costs because of the cooling effect of indoor plants! And of course, the planet and coming generations will thank you for doing your bit to avert climate change. As an added bonus, your clients will be impressed with your taste in décor, and the natural beauty of your space.

Products and services include a large range of tried-and-tested plant varieties, geo-mats for soil protection, water retention mats, “green roof systems” that can be used for podiums and general landscaping services. If you already have two green thumbs and just need our services for helping you landscape your garden, or maintain it so you can show it off when guests arrive, Natura can help with that as well!

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