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The Natura Story

The year was 2004, when our founders Tommy Mathew & Abishek Thomas were having a conversation about urbanization and its massive impact on water availability, pollution levels and temperature change, realizing there is an immediate need for cleaner air, reduced carbon emissions and overall control on global warming. It was then Tommy (with over 35 years of industry experience with coir fiber products) and Abishek (An icon of modern salesmanship with over 9 years of consulting experience) decided to set out on a journey to develop sustainable products that would reintroduce nature to urban
cities, and Natura Was Born!


Their 1st product being the Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) was invented, a proprietary light weight modular media slab which is easy to use, and which requires 6 times lesser water than soil-based media. Using the water retention and insulation properties of natural coir fiber along with the media slab Natura has developed Geo mats and the Natura Coir Hard. These materials form the core ingredients for Natura’s Product offerings.


The vision is to green urban spaces and bring the outdoors into indoor spaces. This lead to the inventions of Natura Green Walls, Green Roofs and Interior Plantscaping solutions, keeping a keen eye on improvement of air quality by using air purification and oxygen generating plants and thereby improving overall wellness. Our products also help to reduce internal temperatures and energy costs due to insulation capabilities.


"Natura’s primary goal is to be able to turn India into a country of Vertical gardens and green spaces being one of the world’s highest contributors to controlling global warming."



Tommy Mathew


Abishek Thomas


Sudhakaran Pillai


Sitara Thomas

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"In our conventional system we were using water thrice a day. With Natura’s System we have reduced the frequency and watering is done once in 2 days"


"Post Installation of Natura’s Green wall system at our Melange café we have seen a visible change in the footfall "


"Definite impact on Company Image, employees can been seen using the space to interact and work on a regular basis"