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Here's what Our Clients are Saying

"In our conventional system we were using water thrice a day. With Natura’s System we have reduced the frequency and watering is done once in 2 days"


"Post Installation of Natura’s Green wall system at our Melange café we have seen a visible change in the footfall"


"Definite impact on Company Image, employees can been seen using the space to interact and work on a regular basis"



Natura’s green solutions enable you to combat the drastic effects of climate change even as you transform the urban landscape from grey to green. Our products and services have numerous benefits including:

  • Carefully selected air purifications plants improve indoor air quality by filtering the air – thus alleviating HVAC loads, in fact studies have shown that some of our plants reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) loads by 75%.

  • Help LEED projects to earn innovation in design credits, energy and atmosphere (EA) prerequisites, minimum energy performance or EA credits. Optimize energy performance.

  • Plant features known to improve occupant well-being due to improved air quality and ascetics, allowing a space to influence better productivity and a happier biophilic environment.

  • Our green roofs reduce ambient temperature by 6°C leading to a reduction in cooling cost and promotes energy conservation.

  • Natura’s flag ship products are coir based ecofriendly plant features improving overall building health, perfect for sustainable development projects.

  • Customizable plant features to bring a unique biophilic character to indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Pre-growing methodology with a 30-day lead time.

  • Modular light weight and easy to install plant solutions.

  • Technology that promises zero leakage and seepage planting systems.

  • Minimum effort products reducing maintenance efforts.


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