What is a Interior Plantscaping

Natura provides customised green solutions to brighten up your home and office interiors.
Natura adopts a design based approach to improve interior aesthetics with plants and fabrication.

Benefits of The Natura Interior Plantscaping

1. Improves air quality by purifying circulating air
2. Increase oxygen generation
3. Improve employee efficiency by up to 20% due to cleaner air
4. Livens up boring work spaces



Natura’s proprietary Geomats are best suited to interior plantscaping. Made with coconut fibre, the Geomats are a flexible and versatile module.


Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) is the used in most interior plantscaping. NSAP is a growing media developed by Natura which has immense water and nutrition retention capability. The NSAP is an extract of the coconut husk and is sterilized and pre-nutritioned.


Plants Used

In AC controlled spaces the same air is circulated over and over again. Natura uses Oxygen generating plants when executing interior plantscaping. Such plants also absorb carbon and benzene for air cleansing


Natura’s interior plantscapes are easy to install as well as maintain. They need to be watered only once a week and require little maintenance.