What is a Geomats

Natura’s Geo blankets hell reclaim dumped and neglected slopes and embankments.
The ability of the blankets to retain moisture helps with plant growth and long term stabilization as well.

Benefits of The Natura Geomats

1. Protect slopes from soil erosion
2. Consolidates loose soil over time
3. Reclaims dumped and neglected slopes
4. Creates micro environment for plant growth
5. Arrests the velocity of flow of water down slopes
6. Help guide the moisture to collection points
7. Converts dull slopes into green havens



Natura’s proprietary Geomats are best suited to interior plantscaping. Made with coconut fibre, the Geomats are a flexible and versatile module.


Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) is the used in most interior plantscaping. NSAP is a growing media developed by Natura which has immense water and nutrition retention capability. The NSAP is an extract of the coconut husk and is sterilized and pre-nutritioned.