What is a Interior Plantscaping?

Natura provides customised green solutions to brighten up your home and office interiors. Natura adopts a design-based approach to improve interior aesthetics with plants and installations that require little maintenance.

Benefits of The Natura Interior Plantscaping

1.Improves air quality by purifying circulating air

2.Increase oxygen generation
3. Improve employee efficiency by up to 20% due to cleaner air

4. Livens up boring work spaces

Use Of Technology

Natura's Proprietary capillary and water retention mats are placed inside each and every planter or pot used. These mats retain and help transport moisture upwards, hence lowering water requirements and frequency.


Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) is used in most Interior Plantscaping. NSAP is a growing media developed by Natura that has immense water and nutrition retention capability. NSAP is an extract of the coconut husk and is sterilized and pre-nutritioned to attain the best results.


In AC controlled spaces, the same air is circulated repeatedly. Natura uses Oxygen generating plants when executing Interior Plantscaping. Such plants also absorb carbon and benzene for air cleansing


Natura provides extensive Interior Plantscaping maintenance to keep up with our Green Promise. Every installation comes with one month of complimentary maintenance to help plants adjust to their new environment. At the end of the month and an annual maintenance contract (AMC) being mutually agreed upon, maintenance will continue as is.