What is a Green Wall?

Natura's Green Wall system covers a wall with greenery that includes a growing medium as well. Green Walls are also known as Vertical Gardens or Living Walls.

Benefits of a Green Wall

1. Creates a greener, cooler and fresher environment
2. Releases oxygen while helping purify circulating air
3. Helps replenish vegetation in the urban context
4. Helps reclaim urban space
5. Provides beautiful and usable exterior space


The Natura Green Wall system is made by using compressed Boards made out of coir fibre. These boards are then cut and fabricated into a module/ plant holder of the size 0.7 mtrs (L) x 0.5 mtrs (H) with a 0.03 mtr cavity in the middle to fill the growing media.


The NGW is filled with Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) a growing media which has immense water and nutrition retention capability. The NSAP is an extract of the coconut husk and is sterilised and pre-nutritioned.


We have categorised our plant selection based on the availability of sunlight:
1. Outdoor plants
2. Semi-shade
3. Indoor
4. Air Conditioned environments.

Irrigation and Fertilisation

The Natura Green Wall system is fitted with an automated/manual drip irrigation system. Fertilisation is done by using water-soluble fertilisers and can be either introduced into the drip system or added to individual modules.


Natura provides extensive Green Wall maintenance to keep up with our Green Promise. Every installation comes with one month of complimentary maintenance to help plants adjust to their new environment. At the end of the month and an annual maintenance contract (AMC) being mutually agreed upon, maintenance will continue as is.