What is a Green Roof?

A Green Roof is roof that is partially or completely covers a rood with greenery. It creates usable and beautiful spaces out of existing dead space.

Benefits of The Natura Green Roof

1. Eliminates Leakage and Seepage
2. Thermal insulation provides for reduction in energy consumption
3.Creates a greener, cooler and fresher environment
4.Releases more oxygen further improving air quality
5.Helps replenish vegetation in the urban context
6.Helps reclaim urban space
7.Provides beautiful and usable exterior space

The System

The Natura Green Roof System is a complete end-to-end system that is a combination of the following modules:
1. HDPE Root Barrier sheet
2. NDC (Natura Drain Cell) or Equivalent
3. NRM (Natura Roof Mat)
4. Lawn or Ground Cover


Natura uses a light weight media that has the ability to retain large amounts of moisture and nutrition. The entire system is based on capillary action and hence ensures that there will be no stagnation of water and thereby no seepage or dampness in any buildings.


Mexican Lawn and a few ground covers.


Natura provides extensive Green Roof maintenance to keep up with our Green Promise. Every installation comes with one month of complimentary maintenance to help plants adjust to their new environment. At the end of the month and an annual maintenance contract (AMC) being mutually agreed upon, maintenance will continue as is.