Natura provides design services for gardens and general landscape as well. Our design philosophy is built around giving our customers the perfect garden for their home, and offices.

Benefits of The Natura Designer Gardens

1.Increases oxygen generation
2.Creates a greener, cooler and fresher environment
3.Helps replenish vegetation in the urban context
4.Provides beautiful and usable exterior space

Use Of Technology

Natura's Proprietary capillary and water retention mats are placed inside each and every planter or pot used. These mats retain and help transport moisture upwards, hence lowering water requirements and frequency.


Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) is used in most landscape execution. NSAP is a growing media developed by Natura which has immense water and nutrition retention capability. NSAP is an extract of the coconut husk and is sterilized and pre-nutritioned.


We use a variety of plants based on the availability of sunlight and best suited to the design.


Natura’s proprietary technology has been developed to confront the water scarcity problem. Natura’s timer based drip and spray system helps improve efficiency of watering while lowering maintenance requirements.


Natura’s interior plantscapes are easy to install as well as maintain. Incorporating Natura’s proprietary technology means plants need to be watered only once a week and require little maintenance. In addition, Natura provides maintenance services the help keep your garden looking vibrant as ever.