Natura GreenTech is a pioneer in the Urban Plantscaping space helping create easy to maintain green spaces while creating better breathing environments and reducing energy costs. Urbanisation has had a massive impact on water availability, pollution levels and temperature change. Groundwater depletion in India is the worst in the world. Construction generates over 40 mil tonnes of Carbon dioxide globally. The world has already warmed by 1 degree and we are on track to hit 3 degrees in the near future. There is an immediate need for cleaner air, reduced carbon emissions and overall control on global warming.

Natura has developed the Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP), a proprietary lightweight modular media slab, which is easy to use and requires 6 times less water than soil-based media. Combining natural coir fibre with a proprietary adhesive and compression formula, Natura has also developed the Natura Geomat and the Natura Coir Hardboard. These materials are natural insulants and thereby help reduce temperatures by up to 6 degrees Celsius. A unique combination of the above materials leads to the Natura Green Wall, Natura Green Roof & Natura Plantscaping solutions.

Natura provides Green Wall, Green Roof and Interior Plantscaping Solutions that improve air quality by capturing air pollutants, increasing Oxygen content in the room and reducing temperatures thereby improving Public Health and reducing energy utilisation and costs.


Tommy Mathew - Chief Innovative Dreamer

Mr. Mathew has been involved with coir fibre for over 40 years. He was formerly a Director at Duroflex Pvt Ltd and later ventured into developing alternative solutions with the fibre itself. He has an uncanny knack (some have called it a “streak of Genius”) to come up with products and solutions and has done so over the majority of his 40 year career. Always being one to look to the future with sustainability and renewability at his forefront

Abishek Thomas - The Work Horse

Mr. Thomas has over 5 years consulting experience with Ernst and Young as well as Grant Thornton. In addition to his client servicing and project delivery expertise, he has over 4 years of industry experience. Since his involvement with Natura began, sales have grown tenfold.


We are an end-to-end ecosystem providing innovative technologies, products, solutions and services extending to installation and maintenance.

Natura Coir Hardboard

Natura Coir Hardboards are made using our proprietary adhesive and compression formula to bind coir together.

With this unique technology, we are able to develop a range of products that:

  • Improve Water Transportation
  • Reduce Temperature
  • Increase Porosity
  • Eliminate Water Stagnation
  • Are Quick and Easy to Install

Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate

Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) is made with a proprietary blend of fertiliser that is then compressed with our proprietary compression formula. Loose unfertigated peat is converted into slabs that contain a pre-mixed fertiliser formula that absorbs moisture upwards through capillary action.

The result is a modularised substrate that:

  • Improves Water Retention by up to 6 times
  • Is 10 times lighter than soil
  • Is Quick and Easy to install
  • Transports Moisture Upwards


Natura’s Geomat is a flexible and versatile module made with coconut fibre. We employ our proprietary compression formula and adhesive in making Geomats that can be used in a range of applications.

Products developed using Natura Geomat:

  • Help Combat Soil Erosion
  • Improve Water Retention
  • Improve Water Transportation
  • Reduce Temperature
  • Increase Porosity
  • Combat Soil Erosion
  • Improve Drainage
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"In our conventional system we were using water thrice a day. With Natura’s System we have reduced the frequency and watering is done once in 2 days"


"Post Installation of Natura’s Green wall system at our Melange café we have seen a visible change in the footfall "


"Definite impact on Company Image, employees can been seen using the space to interact and work on a regular basis"